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I`ve never taken a nap in my entire life - Livejournal Is Even

Okt. 18., 2006 06:08 pm I`ve never taken a nap in my entire life

So its Wednesday and I worked from 10 til 1 and I actually slept til` 5 cause I`m sick.

I had to ride Gabe`s bike to work in the freezing rain a few days ago cause I didn`t feel like calling work and asking them to send someone to pick me up and thats what got me sick I think.

So now I have a runny nose, slight cough, sore throat and no energy.

But luckily I just spent $26 on a case of  XS Energy drinks.

Hmmm, last night I went over to Jessica`s all high cause Chris always smokes me out cause hes a cool dude and everyone was drunk and Kyle was extra drunk and pissing me off. Saci was climbing poles all crazy ape like and Sheryar was bumming sauces. Oh and Kyle was being racist with his white skin and it was gay

He kept saying the n word over and over and over and it was making me really angry

I bought a 2G I-Pod Nano and life seems more complete.

Thats all I guess

I think I`ll start posting more maybe

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