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So amazing - Livejournal Is Even

Jul. 11., 2006 04:00 pm So amazing

So heres a real update. This thing got boring cause no one uses it and its gay to write about life so here it goes.

Well most recently, I got a job at Papa Johns in Southside/Uab  and I`m suppose to be starting in three to four weeks when school starts back and as soon as I start I`ll be living with Grace and Travis in Highland so thats great so I won`t have to ever go back to hell (Sayre, have I explained how gay Sayre is?).

I started smoking ciggarettes like six months ago even though I used to be against it. I`m a hypocrite.

Champagne is living with his granny and not me anymore.

I`m 16.

I think I`ve gotten better at skating. Maybe I dunno. Oh and Deluxe wood is the best buy it!

I touched six boobs in five seconds. Oh wait, do guy boobs count? It`ll be eight if they do.

I`m friends with Kyledriver again. Saci and I are cool too.

I can`t drink and ride anymore. It makes me carsick.

I broke my cell phone two weeks ago getting out of a car with it in my lap. I now have a ghetto T-Mobile 205-243-0531. Don`t bother calling much I hardly ever have minutes. I need Cingular

My shirt feels too small.

My arms hurt from lifting weights. Yeah I`m trying to not be skinny fuck you.

This place smells bad.

Ummm...I want to buy a Geo. Its like 45+ miles to the gallon.

Alabaster sucks

Jerry Hsu is my new favorite. Hes like Asian Elvis

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