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DROP - Livejournal Is Even

Jul. 23., 2006 03:53 pm DROP

I`ve now worked like 14 or so hours with no pay at Papa Johns but its cool. I`m all super excited still and I`ve been staying with T-Boner a lot lately and he doesn`t seem to mind. But Sheryar almost killed his kitten while yelling "I LOVE YOU!" and he like stepped on and it sounded like some rabid Halloween cat. He was wasted off his balls.

I entered the ES` Game Of Skate thing and beat Sheryar and some kid named Garrett. It was "dope" as Champagne would have said and they gave some cheesy metal but it made me feel special. Asshole Travis beat me. What a dick

I want to go to Alabaster!!!

My elbow hurts

And thighs and ankle...and stomache. I`m fucked

Oh and Josh A.K.A. JG A.K.A. J Geezy S Beezy A.K.A. Josh Kosh  went to Kentucky for six months on the 18th for Job Corp. and J-Dog hasn`t been around in a long time.

End On A Sad Note

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Nuværende musik: The Smiths " Handsome Devil "

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Dato:Juli 23., 2006 09:32 pm (UTC)
you are a fag!!

lol what's up. that's awesome that you beat sheryar! props
(Svar) (Tråd)
Dato:Juli 31., 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah I forgot you can comment back on your own page.

Yeah he can`t do kickflips