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I`ve never hated my life in my entire life! - Livejournal Is Even

Okt. 22., 2006 08:04 pm I`ve never hated my life in my entire life!

So I was at work last night and I think I decided to start hating my life


2) I hate my job and I work with the people I "live with"

3) I don`t ever have enough money

4) I don`t have a real place to live

5) Its winter and that always ruins my life

6) I suck at life

7) Daniel Simms is the biggest prick ever. Hate that guy

8) I don`t have a vehicle

9) My hair is in that awkward state

10) Every word looks like its spelled wrong

11) Oh I`m sick still

12) I can`t think of anything to put on my I-Pod

13 will come to mind

Nuværende musik: some msi song

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